Victorian meets Mixed Pattern

There’s this little house across the street that’s about to be torn down, and I thought I should get pictures in the backyard before it becomes a construction zone, so here they are!  The weather has been weirdly nice here the past few days, making tights a pretty bad idea…especially because my new thyroid meds are making me hot hot hot most of the time.  This is hopefully a sign that they’re working, so no complaints here.  It’s just weird being warm for the first time in my life: I’ve had to wear less layers and watch it with the scarves because before I know what’s happening, I’m acting out my future menopausal hot flashes.  Yikes!

I paired a new black top with little lace insets and a collar with a spring dress of mine for sort of an unexpected date look.  Hubby took the pics, and he liked the combo as well.  A top and a dress are perfect for me for the weather right now, so I’ll be wearing different variations of this in the next few weeks.  Except today is raining.  Bugger.

009002013017Top: H&M (similar here), Dress: Plum, Shoes: Nine West (similar here), Bracelet: Wal-Mart, Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger

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