Going with the Flow

The past few months with nary a blog post have been….just what I needed.  Blogging and engaging in social media and building an online presence are really cool tools that we can use these days to build our brands, get business, keep in touch, make new friends and so much more.  but there is a definite downside.  Sometimes life doesn’t move forward in a straight line.  There are bumps, side steps, giant detours…and sometimes you look up and you’re not really sure where you are.  I’m of the mindset that getting lost, sidetracked or confused are all just part of being human.  But there’s this pressure with blogging and social media to a) always be having a great time, and b) know just where you’re at and be able to communicate it fully.  That’s not realistic for most people 100% of the time.  So this past year where I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or where I was going, it felt really good to unplug and just do my thing for awhile.  And I did!  I did my thing right into a group home for teenage girls where I love working!  I did my thing by starting my masters degree in psychology, which I do online so I can work full time.  My life is fuller, richer and 100 times more satisfying than it was last year, and I’m enjoying it so much.  I am still doing image consulting on the side, and loving that too.  What Would Audrey Wear is still one of my favourite ways to use my time, and enriches all the other things I do.

So we have a lot to catch up on!  And we will.  For now, I leave you with my new polka dot dress from modcloth.  Have a great week!!!

pd 2

pd 3pd 1

Dress, modcloth

Wedges, Payless Shoes

Bag, old (Similar)

2015: The Work Christmas Party

Last night was my work Christmas party: it was fancy and beautiful so OF COURSE I forgot to take any pictures at the actual venue.  On the way home though, Jeff started talking about the mini donuts we got at Make It (see last post) because we drove by the place we had them a couple weeks ago, so I said we should just get Tim Hortons donuts and he went for it! It was a nice night with fancy drinks in a fancy place, but in the end this was my favourite part: a chocolate donut at a gas station with my handsome husband.  I guess I’m just a simple girl at heart 😉

party 2party 1party 3party 4

Dress: Thrifted (originally from Rickis)

Cardigan: Old Navy

Belt: Etsy

Earrings: Grandma’s estate

Cocktail ring: Antique mall

Shoes: Thrifted (originally from Spring)

My Favourites from Make It Vancouver

If you follow me on instagram, you know that yesterday I dragged my good-natured husband to Make It Vancouver.  Make It is a yearly trade show full of handmade goodies: everything from leather goods to terrariums, baby blankets to jams.  This is no ordinary craft show though: it’s full of  artisans who make their living creating the gems on display.  There are no crafty santas or doilies to be found, which is a relief.

And so here are my favourite 5 vendors from the whole show.  I plan to patronize them all year, since their stuff is available online.  Enjoy!

Veespoke infinity scarves

I love these patterns and colours: so cozy!

v scarfv scarf 3v scarf 2

Him Creations felt woodland creatures

so detailed and adorable, I want to set these up on every shelf and window frame I have!


Bywa Bag Designs leather bags

Beautiful, buttery leather custom bags, belt and headbands.


Jen Ellis Designs silver jewelry

Loved these delicate, elegant pieces: every one is perfect!

jen ellis 1jen ellis 2jen ellis 3

Cagey Bee Art

Kris Brownlee’s paintings are inspired and make me feel like I’m in a story book.  SO perfect for kids rooms!

margot tennenbaumcat piccat and girl


Vegan Leather Fit and Flare

Today I spoke at the VWN Langley lunch meeting, so I dressed a little fiercer than I normally do in the day: Vegan leather dress with leopard peeptoe booties.  Surprisingly, this outfit was super comfy, and now I’m thinking of more ways I can wear it in the daytime since I know now it’s not only for clubbing with girlfriends, which incidentally I do not do.

leather 5leather 4

I have been looking for a perfect (and reasonably priced) vegan leather dress or skirt for ohhhhhh….maybe 4 years?  I had basically given up hope when I spied this dress on a random visit to my local winners.  I can’t remember what I had been looking for, because WHO CARES, I FOUND A PLEATHER DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have 2 dresses from Taylor, and I love them both.  Thank you Winners for introducing me to new brands!leather 2leather 3

See, you can even curtsy in it.  Very ladylike, B!leather 1

Dress: by Taylor, from Winners.  Similar here, here and here

Cardigan: old navy, similar here

Scarf: Unika in Langley

Necklace: Plum

Bag: by Catherine Malandrino from Winners, exact here

Bracelet: Stella and Dot

Sunglasses: Gap Factory

Booties: by Vince Camuto, from Beren Shoes

New Chapter

Well if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now: the past 6 months have been a season of big changes over here!  First, I officially graduated with a psych degree in April, then I turned 35 (mid-thirties, really God???  I guess…).  Then we bought a new townhouse in a different city, and most recently I started a new career in sales.

Now before you get all confused, let me clarify: I am still a style coach, all the way.  I still take clients and re-make their wardrobes and help them create their own personal style that is transformative and truly them.  But I had accumulated a little school debt, and this job will help me get rid of all that, as well as get us closer to our many dreams, which all require steady cash flow.  I really wanted to start my masters in psychology, and this way I can!  So the next few years will be busy, but who am I kidding?  They always are, and that’s by choice 😉

So, for this new job I get to dress for the office (dresses, blazers, a little bit fancy), and I get to dress for clients (casual, cool, laid-back).  I love not having to dress just one way!  So this week, I will be showing you all kinds of outfits that are work-appropriate: some a little dressy, some a little casual.

Can you guess which this one is?

nc 2

A little bit fancy, right?  I mean, it could be fancier: there’s no glitter here.  I save those outfits more for day drinking….nc 3

Just kidding.  Yoga pants are for day drinking 😉

new chapter 1

Here’s me pointing at nothing on my couch.  I had just been sitting there, though.nc 4

Close-up of Ruby and my vintage flower tray: 2 things I really like, but one of them barks at balloons.  Bet you can’t guess which one…nc 5Dress: Plum (last year)

Cardigan: Old Navy

Flower brooch: H&M

Lipstick: Sephora

Belt: old

Shoes: Winners, old

Couch: Sears (can you believe that?)

Coffee Table: Ikea

Rug: Home Sense

Floral tray: Vintage

Candles: Home Sense

Pictures: Vintage


Our new FALL LOOKBOOK is out, that’s what!!!!!

lookbook cover

We caught up with some amazing local business women to find out what they’re wearing this fall!  I also put together a list of must-haves for your fall wardrobe.

lookbook 7

It comes to you via email, so if you’d like to receive it, send me a message at


to receive it today.

 Happy best season of the year, everyone!!!!