The Greenest Weekend

I’m just getting sorted from a weekend away on Vancouver island followed by a busy Monday.  WHEW!  Jeff and I had a great time visiting friends, and the weather was amazing!!!  It gave me time to gaze at and walk in … Continue reading

Dressed Up Plaid T-Shirt

Since I’ve been making an effort lately to take outfit pics in different areas near my house, it’s been an exercise in…what?  Lying.  Pretending.  Acting?  Let’s go with acting, it sounds best.  This morning, for instance, I went to the grocery … Continue reading

Scenes from a bookstore

My husband and I aren’t great daters.  We go out together, sure, but I have this idea that other couples are going to fancy dinners and posh parties, while Jeff and I go to Chapters and grocery shopping….maybe sushi if … Continue reading

New Items in the Etsy Shop

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This past weekend, while it was aggressively hot out, my beautiful and gracious friend Elizabeth came to my house to model some frocks so that I could put them in my etsy shop.  In return, I gave her lemon pop and … Continue reading

Vintage Dresses: refashioned and not

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  Recently I  was featured on Paris Ciel for my eighties upcycled dress blog.  Paris Ciel has 55 different refashions that are all really creative for making an ugly or dated dress into something beautiful, so definitely check it out if you like vintage … Continue reading

Plaid and Cupcakes

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I filled my little TRACYCAKES Murrayville boutique with FALL FLORALS the other day, and it looks awesome!  Since it’s been so warm and sunny this September (and since school is not even back in session yet because of the teacher strike), … Continue reading