What to wear in Vienna, Part 2

I’m dragging these Europe posts out to kind of prolong my sense of having just returned.  It’s mostly working, too!  On day 2 in Vienna Charlenn and I ended up dressing sort of the same, and that was to continue … Continue reading

Maxi dress: Two (terribly exciting) ways!

One of my fave things about Spring/summer are the maxi dresses.  Ok let’s be real: one of my favourite things in LIFE is maxi dresses, because I wear them year-round.  Here’s my take on how to wear a maxi in … Continue reading

what to wear in Vienna part 1

Rewind about a month ago, and I was in Austria on a school trip.  There were about 20 of us psych majors on the trip,  and we did psych nerd things like going to Freuds house,  visiting the adlerian and existentialist Psychoanalysis institutes,  touring … Continue reading