Trying a trend: dressy sweatshirt

I gave up wearing sweatshirts in public a very long time ago, but I’ve been seeing them a lot on pinterest and out and about looking kinda cool, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Now, I try not to put together outfits all from one store, especially stores I’m not proud of shopping at, but this is one of those outfits: it’s all from Wal-Mart.  I know, I know…shameful.  See, I started shopping there for clothes when I spent every second week in Fort McMurray on business.  It was the only place to really go, and I’d get bored and lonely in my sad hotel room and head on over some nights.  Ok, most nights.  I discovered that you can get some cute things on the cheap, and well…that can be very attractive when you love shopping as much as I do.  So sometimes still, for non-staple pieces that I just want to try out, I go to the dreaded super centre in my current hometown.  There.  So now you know.

I dressed up the sweatshirt with bling, a floral clutch and a navy pencil skirt and I think it came off pretty well, don’t you?

026 028 031 038 045 046Sweatshirt: Wal-Mart, Skirt: Wal-Mart, Floral Clutch: Zig Zag Fashions, Kitten heels: Guess, Necklace: old, Earings: vintage, sunglasses: Tommy Hilfigger

4 thoughts on “Trying a trend: dressy sweatshirt

  1. Love it…. Looks great. As a mom I think im going to give this a try. It will be a new twist on “the mom look”.

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