New boots!

018They finally came!!!! I got the boots from Duo that I ordered about a month ago, and they did not disapoint. I wanted some permanent, grown-up, REAL boots that I could wear year after year. These are the softest, butteriest leather with the perfect height block heel, and they’re sooo comfortable. The boots are pricey, but I recomend them for fit and style. I have always had curvy calves, even when I was a tiny little 10-year-old getting fitted for my first ski boots: they had to get me the special boots for “athletic calves”, and my brother made fun of me mercilesslessly about it for years.  Now I’m a lot more comfortable with my calf situation, so it’s nice to see more companies making great quality boots for women like me.  Whatever size and shape you are, you should be able to purchase clothes and footwear that make you feel stylish and comfortable, don’t you think?

I sure do!


Trench: Tommy Hilfigger, Dress: Gap Factory, Scarf: vintage, Bag: Winners

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