Tracycakes Thursdsay

So I’m a little late this week, and I’m sorry.  I’ve been writing papers, take-home midterms, prepping and delivering presentations…and it’s almost the end of semester!  After exams, I’m going to relax in my probably already decorated house, drink gingerbread coffee, and read novels!  I have so many waiting for my undivided attention,  I can’t wait 🙂

In other news, Jeff got a job!!!  He’s been looking for awhile, but nothing has been quite right.  Then just a few days ago, he walked into a place and BINGO!  They liked him, he liked them, and it’s on like donkey kong.  He starts next week, and we’re pretty pumped.  So is everyone who knows, it seems: we’ve gotten a lot of internet high fives since yeasterday, which are my favourite kind 😉

So what’s new in wearable vintage at Tracycakes Murrayville this week?  I’m gonna show you!  It’s cooled down quite a bit here, so I’ve brought out the fur.  The first coat is faux, and the second (green) coat has a real fur collar.  I also have some warm dresses that are super adorable for a retro office look: the black window pane one has a matching scarf!!!  Oh how I appreciate matching accessories 🙂

And speaking of accessories, we have some lovely black gloves, a burnt orange tweed purse (I die!) and an orange baubble necklace a la Wilma Flintstone this week!  All one of a kind, so get it while the getting’s good!



window pane dress







As always, keep Tracycakes in mind for your holiday get-togethers and catch-up sessions with family and friends.  They serve high tea, lunch, and the best homemade deserts!  I’m going out to get Jeff a celebratory cupcake this weekend 😉

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