Government Shoes


The other day, the most amazing thing happened: the government reassessed my tax return and gave me more money!  Not even kidding.  It was a tidy sum, so I thought, naturally, that I should get some new shoes before I used the rest for something sensible, like paying bills.  I found some lovely leopard shoes at Aldo, which I NEEDED because I only have leopard flats, not heels.  So today I paired them with some green cigarette pants I got at the same Goodwill as the bow dress from last post, and topped them with a cozy sweater and cozier faux fur vest.  I feel really good in this outfit: it’s perfectly warm and stretchy and the shoes give it a shot of sexy.  Plus green just feels so fresh right now, maybe because I’m seeing so little of it outside.

Speaking of the season, I’ve been feeling really blah lately.  Not depressed or sad, just incredibly unmotivated and tired.  I had coffee with a girlfriend and her beautiful baby daughter this morning, and had planned to run a few errands afterwards.  Instead, all I wanted to do was drive home and crawl into my warm bed.  I ended up compromising by going home, doing a bit of cleaning and putting some bone-in chicken in the crock-pot.  It’s pretty nice playing housewife lately, and because I know it won’t last, I’m giving myself permission to soak up every minute!


Ruby likes them too!

Ruby likes them too!


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