Calling it in

This week has been BLECH, and there’s a reason I capitalized that word.  The whole house  (including me) has been sick, I haven’t accomplished much of anything (like cleaning, do you see this mess?!?) and aside from a super fun day lunching and thrifting with a friend, I haven’t been too social.  The weather isn’t helping much, it’s turned all windy and wet and soggy and sad, and I just want spring!!!

This outfit really shows my mood yesterday: gray.  I’m hoping for sun soon, and for my cold to go away, and to get back to walking and feeling light and happy!  Here’s to Spring!



What do YOU wear when you feel less than your best?


Cardigan: thrifted/ Scarf: consignment/earings: Cute As A Button by Mel, available at Tracycakes/ top: thrifted/ jeans: Gap Factory/ Shoes: Shoe Factory

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