12 Days of Clothing: Day 2

For the next 11 days I’ll be focusing on style ideas for 2015.  Follow along for tips on trends to try, smart clothing tips, and new inspirations for a fab fashion new year!

DAY TWO: Wear Perfect Shoes

Ever wear a beautiful pair of shoes that punishes your poor feet?  Have you worn brand new shoes only to scuff them up that same day?  Ever slip in a new pair of heels?  I have experienced all of these things and have resolved to suffer through them no more!  Here are my tips on not having to.

1) Stretch a new pair of shoes by wearing thick socks, wearing the shoes and blow drying your feet in the shoes while you watch tv (10 minutes will do the trick).  This will simulate the first few wears without pain so you’ll have shoes perfectly formed to your feet from the beginning.

stretch out your shoes formula

2) Expand shoes overnight by placing a ziploc bag 3/4 full of water in the toe of each of your shoes and placing them in the freezer overnight.  The ice will expand, opening up your shoe a bit with it.  This works well for strappy sandals!

ziploc shoes

3) Save your soles and prevent slips by taking new shoes to the shoemaker right away to get grippy soles put on.  You can also get rubber heels put on to prevent slips and quick wear.


4) Restore colour to the bottom of your shoes with a same-coloured sharpie: simply colour in the scuffs and smudge with your finger.


5) Refresh leather and leather-like shoes by re-dying them the same or a different colour.  Dye goes on like paint, soaks into the shoe and does not crack once it’s on.  The dye is also very reasonably priced here.


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