12 Days of Clothing: Day 7

For the next 6 days I’ll be focusing on style ideas for 2015.  Follow along for tips on trends to try, smart clothing tips, and new inspirations for a fab fashion new year!

Day Seven: Thrift Away!

Thrift shopping is a good idea economically (it costs less than new), environmentally (no new chemicals are released to make new clothes, no new materials are needed), and creatively (you make discoveries based on what you find).  Here are 3 suggestions to get the novice thrifter started:

1) A vintage bag.  Pick something patterned or brightly coloured: something you wouldn’t normally go for.  The idea here is to try a new style for much less money.  And because everything old is new again, you may find a vintage bag that actually looks modern! $3-$20

vintage floral purse

vintage floral purse

Purple mock croc clutch.

Purple mock croc clutch.  Purchase HERE.

2) 80s Blouse.  The blouses from this decade are really fun and easy to wear, just rip out the shoulder pads! $5-$25

Blush pink 80s blouse.

Blush pink 80s blouse.

Red short sleeve blouse.

Red short sleeve blouse.  Buy HERE.

3) An old OR not so old dress.  This is a great way to find new brands you like as well as cute dresses just past their prime on the cheap.  Alter if needed, and step out of whatever style rut you may find yourself in. $6-$40

A frumpy dress gets a little makeover.

A frumpy dress gets a little makeover.

A thrifty find of mine.

A thrifty find of mine.

If you don’t have time to go to actual vintage shops, check out a couple of mine!

Etsy Shop: Trulie Vintage

Facebook Shop

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