12 Days of Clothing: Day 9

For the next 4 days I’ll be focusing on style ideas for 2015.  Follow along for tips on trends to try, smart clothing tips, and new inspirations for a fab fashion new year!

Day Nine: Wear Great Underwear

Not because “you might be in an accident”, and not to look good for anyone else: wear great underwear for yourself.  This is one of those tips it took me awhile to learn, but the difference in how I feel is quite noticeable.  I shop local instead of online for bras and panties because touch is so important in these matters.  Here are my top picks for looks this year:

1) Blue bra and thong set from Forever Yous Lingerie in Langley.bra 1

bra 2

2) Black polka dot bustier and panty set from La Vie En Rose

bra 3

3) Pink sparkle bra  and thong from La Senza

bra 4

bra 5

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