Sometimes I (Always) wear Teal

Here’s the truth: most of the posts I write I end up deleting because I read them and think “Brianna, you sound like an idiot”.  I try to be funny and charming all the time on this thing, but I don’t think I really am in real life, I’m mostly just blunt so…here goes.

I got my hair cut and I love it, but in these pictures it looks weird and like I made a pretty big mistake.  I don’t think I did though, so I’ll put more effort in on another day and show you pictures then, you’ll have the info to make your mind up about it.

I spent yesterday’s Family Day holiday not with my family or my husband, and it was totally perfect.

This guy in starbucks was STARING at me (and smiling, and doing an odd winking kind of thing) as I walked in and went to the ladies room yesterday.  It was weird, and I’d like to think I’m just THAT stunning, but really I think he just wasn’t right in the head.  Call it a win anyway?

I got this dress on modcloth and then it went on sale, just when I couldn’t ask for a price adjustment anymore.  I hate when that happens.  But I love the dress, which I have dressed up and down.  My dressed up version involves a crinoline and silver mirrored shoes.  Yesterday’s casual activities called for a jean jacket and burgundy pumps.  What?  Don’t you wear burgundy pumps casually?  Of course you do.

I’m noticing there’s a lot of this colour in my closet now, and I don’t know whether to be proud or nervous.  Proudrous.

teal 4

teal 2

teal 3

teal 1

Bonus Picture: Jeff holding Baby Edith, our niece.  A natural, isn't he?

Bonus Picture: Jeff holding Baby Edith, our niece. A natural, isn’t he?  Please excuse my messy desk in the background…I need to deal with that.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I (Always) wear Teal

  1. Well, I for one think you are actually charming and funny…the bluntness works for you. The hair looks cute..just a shorter version of before? And I WISH I could wear cute pumps like that. Oh,and Edith is adorable 🙂

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