New Chapter

Well if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now: the past 6 months have been a season of big changes over here!  First, I officially graduated with a psych degree in April, then I turned 35 (mid-thirties, really God???  I guess…).  Then we bought a new townhouse in a different city, and most recently I started a new career in sales.

Now before you get all confused, let me clarify: I am still a style coach, all the way.  I still take clients and re-make their wardrobes and help them create their own personal style that is transformative and truly them.  But I had accumulated a little school debt, and this job will help me get rid of all that, as well as get us closer to our many dreams, which all require steady cash flow.  I really wanted to start my masters in psychology, and this way I can!  So the next few years will be busy, but who am I kidding?  They always are, and that’s by choice 😉

So, for this new job I get to dress for the office (dresses, blazers, a little bit fancy), and I get to dress for clients (casual, cool, laid-back).  I love not having to dress just one way!  So this week, I will be showing you all kinds of outfits that are work-appropriate: some a little dressy, some a little casual.

Can you guess which this one is?

nc 2

A little bit fancy, right?  I mean, it could be fancier: there’s no glitter here.  I save those outfits more for day drinking….nc 3

Just kidding.  Yoga pants are for day drinking 😉

new chapter 1

Here’s me pointing at nothing on my couch.  I had just been sitting there, 4

Close-up of Ruby and my vintage flower tray: 2 things I really like, but one of them barks at balloons.  Bet you can’t guess which one…nc 5Dress: Plum (last year)

Cardigan: Old Navy

Flower brooch: H&M

Lipstick: Sephora

Belt: old

Shoes: Winners, old

Couch: Sears (can you believe that?)

Coffee Table: Ikea

Rug: Home Sense

Floral tray: Vintage

Candles: Home Sense

Pictures: Vintage

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