Blue and Green

This is a truer version of my new haircolour.  I know it’s time to get a new camera and actually learn how to use it, but until then my face will look kind of like an overlit angel…and I don’t mind that too much actually.

This outfit is a variation of what I wear to school most days: comfortable with a little style: not too much going on, but just enough to be me while still being functional for a long day of learning.  I love these jeans, purchased at Gap Factory for $20.  They’re mucho comfortable and the rips really balance out my girly leanings.  I don’t wear the shoes too much, but when I do I  get compliments on them.  The top is just easy and goes with pretty much everything, and the jacket was purchased on sale in the summer; I’m just starting to get some use out of it now.  The bag is perfect for carying a lot, and I really love how it pairs with the green here.  Let the school day begin!

st.  015 018 019 034 035

Leather Jacket: Le Chateau/ top: H&M/Jeans: Gap Factory/Shoes: Thrifted/Bag: Winners

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