Day to Night



It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, and I’ve missed you!  Especially because the reason I was gone is not a good one: I had a herniated disc in my back and sciatica down my left leg, causing a ridiculous amount of pain and not allowing me to stand, walk or sit (just lay) for more than minutes at a time for weeks.  Thankfully, after some amazing treatment from a local natural pain clinic near my house, some serious drugs (I don’t like them normally, but I needed them for a time) and continuing physiotherapy, I’m doing about 1000% better.

Yesterday was big, because I finally got my hair done!  The roots had grown out and the colour had faded until I resembled a sad illusion of my former self, and it got me down.  Now I’m looking (and more importantly feeling) like myself, so I thought it was time to take a few pictures!  It was my nephew’s birthday yesterday so his parents had a party, and I thought I’d take a dress I wear fairly often from day to night.  I know, I’ve posted on this dress before, but it’s in heavy rotation for me right now, so why lie?  I, like so many others, wear an item to death when I like it.  So Viva Les Polk-a-Dots!  Hope your weekend is good 🙂





Dress: Gap Factory/Cardigan: Thrifted/Scarf: Thrifted/Watch: Shoppers Drug Mart/Bracelet: Thrifted/ Boots: Duo/ Tights: Modcloth


My beautiful cousin Lauren did my hair (she works at Zazou Salon in North Van) AND took the above pictures!  Here she is with her boyfriend.






Shoes: Jacket: Le Chateau/ Belt: Banana Republic Factory

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