Movie Night Uniform

I really believe in uniforms.  Everyone should find the clothes that work well and compliment them for an activity, then wear variations of that as long as it works for them.  Most people do this already, and I am no exception.  At home I dress simply in pants and a top with a cardigan for most of the winter, and I add a scarf if I need to.  I don’t tend to dress down more than that, because I like to be able to answer the door or go out at a moment’s notice without having to change from pajamas or workout wear.  I even wear shoes a lot of the time, it just makes me feel more dressed.  Usually I look something like this, and it really evokes Audrey for me:


Last night we decided to go to a late movie, so I popped a super cozy grey leopard coat I’ve had for a couple years overtop and added a floral clutch.  The coat is warm and soft, perfect for a late night movie where I knew I’d be a little sleepy, and the clutch made my outfit feel more date-like.  It was a nice relaxing day and a nice night, and my uniform made changing unnecessary, which I love.




Coat: Guess/ Bow: Emily Rose Couture/ Top: Thrifted/ Pants: Mexx/ Shoes:

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