My Health Challenge

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

This past weekend, Jeff and I went away to celebrate our anniversary.  We stayed in a nice hotel room in the mountains, visited a little mining town and did the tour into a mine, ate fabulous steaks one night, and just kind of relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  It was the first time I was away from home a full two days while on my new restricted diet (no wheat, dairy, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, corn, onions, garlic…and a bunch of other things I’m allergic to), and I even forgot my inhalers!  I was a little nervous about that, but the weekend passed successfully without an asthma episode: hooray!  I’m feeling a lot better lately, and I’ve dropped a little bit of the weight I had gained while sick so that’s good.  I made a decision to step up my game though.  After an inspiring post from a blogger I follow about the movie Hungry for Change (about the diet industry and how it’s designed to make us fail), then watching the actual movie, then watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (about the same thing, pretty much) on Netflix after that, I know I need to kick my health plan up a notch.  I don’t want to feel “pretty good”, I want to feel AMAZING.  I’m 33, and it seems like I should be in the best shape of my life.  So, I’m going to get there this year!  I’m writing this to have a record of my decision, and to hopefully inspire some of you to do the thing you’ve been kind of thinking of for awhile but haven’t fully committed to.  We are all capable of great things, and I think there’s a little voice in all of us that lets us know what we should be doing.  I’m going to listen to mine and take this step; want to come along?

The Plan:

Yoga, at least 4 times a week

Walking: at least 4 times a week

Floor Exercises: Daily

Veggie juice to replace one meal per day

Follow allergy diet

Cut out refined sugars

limit coffee to one per day


Whistler Village

Whistler Village


The view from our Hotel in Squamish

The view from our Hotel in Squamish

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