Vintage: Some of my Favourites

I thought today I’d take a look back at some of my favourite vintage pieces today, and share why I love them.  I got into vintage clothes after I met my husband: he has a thing for vintage cars and tools, and brought me to some local antique malls where I fell in love with…everything.  I started collecting vintage soon after, then opened a booth in one of those antique malls.  Next came my etsy shop, Trulie Vintage.  The shop is still open, and you can access it from here.


Ok seriously, what’s not to like?  The pattern underneath is muted by the organza on top, and the result is pure 50s perfection!  Modeled by the lovely Angela, this dress is available still in my etsy shop.

black and white wiggle

This one is from Animal Head Vintage on etsy.  Can you believe this shelf bust and bow?  They don’t even make dresses like this one anymore!  The shape is heavenly, and the black and white!  Swoon.


This suit (yes, it’s 2 pieces) is so 60s, the perfect green, and it’s from an iconic midcentury department store.  I wonder if a young secretary wore it to her first job in a big city.  I love all the possible stories that vintage brings.

wiggle dress

This dress is from one of the blogs I follow, Scathingly Brilliant, worn by Kate G.  She typically wears pastels, but that makes this black number so special on her!  Love the buttons and detailing.


This is one of mine again, and can you believe these colours?!?  I call this “ladylike psychedelic”.  So pretty!!!

alice in wonderland vintage dress

I have a thing for Alice in Wonderland, so my last dress is an homage to that.  Wear this with a white petticoat underneath, black maryjanes and a black hairband for storybook perfection.

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