Mint, hot pink and swiss dots

I had to actually get dressed in normal clothes yesterday to run some errands and get my hair done: it’s brown again!  I loved the red for a time, but truthfully it never really felt like me.  And my husband loves my dark hair; when I came home last night he was hugging me and touching it and staring…I forgot how much he likes it dark 😉

So these are my last red hair outfit pics.  I picked up the sweater on sale and it’s so perfect and comfy.  The blazer I got with Christmas money from my parents, and the wedges are new.  So are the pink shoes I wore in the am, but they rubbed my ankle a little so I switched them out.  Also, I got a new camera!  The lines are much crisper now, I think.  I’m still learning how to use it, but so far I love it!




Hair bow: Etsy/ Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger/ Scarf: Thrifted/ Sweater: Smart Set/ Jeans: Gap Factory/ Pink Shoes: Nine West/ Grey Shoes: Consignment

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