Purple Sixties House Dress

Yesterday I got all dressed in my workout gear to go for a walk outside.  It was beautifully sunny, and I haven’t gone for a bit.  But OH.  MY.  GOSH it was cold!!!!  Not compared to actual cold places (like the rest of Canada), but compared to what we typically experience here on the coast, it was and is brutal.  So I did some inside exercises instead, showered and put on this dress and tights.  Much better!  I then went to the store to get more tortillas, because I have recently become obsessed with enchiladas 😉

Health challenge note: I have been juicing every morning, and it’s going well!  I tried to start a juice fast Sunday but learned that doing that right before my special lady times is maybe the dumbest idea ever: I’m so hungry!  So we’re ramping up, folks.  Ramping up.


So, the dress: I purchased this ages ago but it was too long and like the blue lace one a couple days ago, I was too lazy to get it altered for a looong time.  When I finally did, the shorter length made it super cute instead of a bit frumpy like it was: score!  There’s not much to this dress, either.  A little side zipper, a little neck zipper, a cute print and details like the neck thing and cute sleeve gather with bows.  It’s stretchy but still has a shape, so it’s perfect for when you want to dress up a little but also want to eat.  I wore it on Christmas for just such a looking pretty/eating kind of day.  Also I was still mostly laying down that day because of my herniated disc, and it was good for that too! I wore it here with pinkish brownish tights that my husband hates from Target, but I love them.  They’re like perfect 40s era old lady tights.


New hair!  Well, same hair new colour and a bit of a shaping.  Hazaa!

New hair! Well, same hair new colour and a bit of a shaping. Hazaa!



Dress: Thrifted/ Belt: RW (for like $3.00, woot!)/Tights: Target/ Shoes: Consignment

2 thoughts on “Purple Sixties House Dress

  1. Lol you make me laugh. I really love reading your blogs Brianna and I wish I had the same eye for how to make an unattractive outfit BEAUTIFUL! Love your outfits! 🙂 Have a great day!

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