Leopard Midi Dress

So this week pretty much exploded with busyness.  I worked for three days at Tracycakes, since I’ve technically been employed there for the last couple of years, I just haven’t had any shifts.  Tracy needed me though, and I was kind of bored so it worked out great for me to work!  I also put some vintage clothes and accessories in the Tracycakes Abbotsford location, which so far is working out really well.  The display looks like this:


Here is an outfit I wore last week to run errands on a day I had free.  It’s a leopard midi dress that I found at a thrift store, and for me it’s a perfect mix of comfort and chic.  I can dress it up or down, but for my day off here I dressed it down with a classic jean jacket.  The jacket is all ripped up in the elbows and armpits (I pinned those though) because I got it a whole lifetime ago on a shopping trip to the states, and I love it so much: it’s the perfect colour, perfectly contoured to my body, and lately all the new jean jackets from Gap and other places have these weird side pockets that add bulk to the middle, plus they’re all kind of cropped and boxy, which makes a curvy girl look like a cube.  I wonder why they exists at all; who would want to add weight to their waist?  So I really hate the current versions.  My search for the perfect replacement to my perfect jean jacket continues, and in the meantime I wear my ripped up jacket.  I thought I would have to retire it last year, but then I saw a girl in one of my Psych classes with an old ripped up jean jacket and she looked really cool to me, so I thought I could pull it off too!  So far no one has told me otherwise, so the jacket remains in rotation.




Sunglasses: Old Navy/Jean jacket: Gap (sooooo old)/Scarf: Thrifted/  Dress: Thrifted/Shoes: Le Chateau

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