This weekend was sunny and beautiful: a perfect first weekend of Spring!  Jeff and I had a date night on Friday down at White Rock beach.  We ate fish and chips and watched the sun set, and I got to snap some pictures.  I’m so lucky to live in a beautiful place and have the time to enjoy it.  I often feel like I don’t get out and enjoy it enough, and I’m going to do that more this year.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with finding the perfect maxi skirt for warm weather.  I like black, but it’s kind of dark for what I’m thinking for warm Spring and summer days.  Still, the other night I used a dress I got last year with a tank over it, and that worked pretty well so I suppose I have a black maxi skirt in a way.  I’ll keep searching for another, but I the meantime I’ll use this dress.  I love the chucks with it, and so did Jeff!  As you can see in the third picture, he has a well worn black pair.  I’m not big on the sneakers with a dress look, but this worked surprisingly well and I think I’ll do it again!  Same goes for the fish and chips from Fishboat on East beach: so delicious!!!










Jacket: Winners/ Scarf: Le Chateau/ Tank: Le Chateau/ Dress: Modcloth/ Converse Chucks: Ebay/ Purse: Nine West/ Sunnies: Gap Factory

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