what to wear in Vienna part 1

Rewind about a month ago, and I was in Austria on a school trip.  There were about 20 of us psych majors on the trip,  and we did psych nerd things like going to Freuds house,  visiting the adlerian and existentialist Psychoanalysis institutes,  touring the old Jewish ghetto and just general sightseeing. Vienna was the first part of the trip,  followed by Bavaria,  Zurich and London.

I packed carefully for this trip,  knowing we’d be walking a lot and that i still wanted to look like myself but be prepared for whatever happened.  My friend Charlenn had the same idea about clothes as me,  so I thought it would be fun to do a few double outfit posts!   The following are looks on our  first days in Vienna.  I won’t post where we got our clothes,  but if you want to know just ask in the comments.



The beautiful Charlenn

The beautiful Charlenn



Next up: maxi dresses!

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