Blue Floral 50s dress

Well hello!  I have recently returned from a travel study to Europe!  I was gone most of May, and we visited Austria, Germany, Switzerland and England.  I learned a lot, got my butt kicked by all the walking and suitcase-hauling, and after the next couple of papers will have an undergraduate degree in psychology!!!  I’m very excited about that.

I ordered this dress on etsy and it came just before I left: honestly, how completely cute is it?!?  I love the shape and the pattern, I think we were destined to find one another 😉  I wore this yesterday for my little brother’s 29th birthday bash and coerced my cousin into taking these pics.  I wish she lived closer, I would have her take them all the time!

The dress is a testament to the idea that just because a dress has no stretch doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable.  If the fit is right, it should be very comfortable.  I mean, you can lay down in the grass in this thing!

1808 1820 1810 1813 1825

Dress: Etsy/ Earings: family heirlooms/ Shoes: Thrifted

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