Five Days of Fall Trends: Day Three

For the past handful of years I’ve had a thing for leopard print, and it has swelled to take up absolutely all the space in my brain that  is allotted for the love of animal print.  This year, however, I’ve made a little room for snakeskin, which can be worn in so many different ways.  Choose it as an accent with a cuff, a clutch, or shoes.  Go bold with a trench or pantsor keep cozy in a snakeskin scarf.

I went for some zara flats (again, sale!) and am excited to wear them like a neutral shoe paired with everything.

zara flats


Here are some looks I’m loving right now with a pretty snakeskin component.

snake 1


DAY: Something you can do quite well with snakeskin is pair it with both light and dark components, because it has both light and dark in the print itself.  This look is a bit dressy for day, but I love how chill it looks even though it’s dressy, you know?  She just looks so cool!

snake 2

EVENING: Of course, Kate Moss.  Again with the light (blazer) mixing with dark (heels and clutch).  The chiffon material is so perfect for evening, especially paired with the lines of the jacket.  Truthfully, this works for day as well, but maybe with a little bit longer of a hemline for me because, alas, I do not have the legs of Kate Moss.

snake 3

WORK: The skirt’s a little more interesting than the other snakeskin prints I’ve posted, which makes this top and shoes less boring than they’d be on their own.  See?  Snakeskin man, get on it!

Tomorrow: Plaid!

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