Five Days of Fall Trends: Day Four

Plaid plaid plaid plaid plaid: I love you!  You make me feel cozy and delicious, and when paired with black leather, you’re hella cool.  So ok, plaid is ALWAYS in for Fall, but this season we’re seeing a lot of red, and a lot more than shirts…

plaid trench

plaid skirt 2

DAY: Who can resist a belted plaid trench?  Not me, ladies.  The red paired with simple black and grey is just perfection in my book.  The second look is what completely comfortable meets intolerably chic looks like.  And warm, too!

plaid dress

plaid pants

EVENING: First, the fit and flare plaid dress on Emma Watson with the black leather jacket is such a fresh interpretation of evening wear, I’m obsessed with it.  Second, plaid and leopard?  It’s so right, I’m surprised I haven’t been combining the two forever and ever.  Well!  No time like the present, so here I go!

plaid skirt

plaid heels

WORK: Lovely stretchy plaid pencil skirt with a roomy tote, chambray shirt and blingy necklace?  Oh yeah, I’m going to be sporting this in the near future!  And the shoes: pair them with anything neutral, and you’ve just stepped up your work game, big time.

My Take:  This season I have some new little plaid flats (wal-mart cheapies) I’ll be wearing with skinny jeans or black ankle pants.  They look like this:

plaid flats

I’ve also just bought a voluminous plaid scarf that I should get by the time it cools down a bit.  I ordered it from Sammydress and it was under $20.  It looks like this:

plaid scarf

And I plan to wear it like this:

plaid scarf 2

And sometimes like this:

plaid scarf 3

Tomorrow: Winter White for fall!

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