Shop My Closet Update for FALL

I’ve been using facebook for shop my closet posts for a little while now and it’s been working really well.  I know a whole bunch of you are too busy to shop, but when you see something that you like, is well priced and easy to get, you’ll snatch it up in a heartbeat.  So with that in mind, I present my Fall edition of shop my closet: including work and casual wear from sizes 8-14, all fall appropriate.  I’ve included a link to my facebook sale; just comment below the item you like to ask a question or purchase.

Here are some of the items being worn by me to various events.  I’ve looked through a lot of archived pictures to find these and it’s been pretty nice walking down memory lane this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to getting into fall and doing image consulting full time, and I’m sure I’ll be adding to the archives a ton: making my own history as we all do.  Gotta love it 🙂



We begin with this cropped yellow cardigan, and here I am wearing it to a charity event in 2011 with my handsome hubby.  If I had to do this outfit again I wouldn’t close the cardigan or put my belt on the outside but you know, live and learn.  It was a fun event and we auctioned off a lot of cool stuff, including a vintage fur coat from my etsy shop (pictured above) for building wells to provide clean drinking water in Africa.


This riding jacket is for sale, I wore it a couple of times only, all in 2012.  I was going for a classy English equestrian thing here in my parents hallway (haha), which I still kind of like, although if I did it now I’d lose the ascott-like scarf.  The jacket is beautiful really, the grainy pictures from my old point and shoot do it no justice.  The jacket is lined and well-shaped, with beautiful brown buttons and a notched collar.



This sparkly cardigan is for sale, and here I’m wearing it on the night Jeff and I got engaged!  Perhaps you recognize the Olive Garden salad???  We’re classy folk.  Anyway, this cardi is so cute, and I’ve considered changing out the buttons just to give it a second life.  It’s from Banana Republic so it looks just the same as the day I bought it: perfect.


Ah, this vegan leather jacket.  I wore this a bunch before I got married, but it still looks new.  Here I’m at a car show posing next to a kit car my then boyfriend and now hubby said he’d build for me someday.  I’m still waiting on the car, but we have the rest of our lives so there’s no rush.  Except that I could be driving it today, but whatever Jeff 😉  The jacket is adorable: light colour, defined waist, a perfect weight for fall and spring.


We end with this plaid shirt from H&M, worn here at a family get-together.  In the picture is my cousin, my uncle, and my brother in the background.  Also, a rolling pin because we were having tacos and the shells are an old family recipe.  I’m getting hungry just writing about it….anyway, the shirt is light and perfect for layering or wearing on it’s own.


So those are just a few of the items for sale HERE

Tomorrow I’ll have a big GIVEAWAY, and I’m really excited about it!!!!  So make sure you check that out.  Adieu, my friends!

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