Black, White and Hearts all over

When my life batteries are depleted (life batteries?  Did I make that up?), there’s one thing I like to do more than anything else: shop.  Where, you ask?  Value Village and other thrift stores!  They’re cheap and you never know what you’ll find.  Thrifting is not for everyone, you have to enjoy the hunt, which I DO.  I always have a plan, too: it could be cardigans, bags, dresses, skirts, shoes one day, or dresses, housewares, sleeveless tops, shoes, bags and jewelry another day.  And every season I have a running list of the things I’m looking for.  This season it’s burgundy or forest green heels, a green pencil skirt, a fit and flare trench…and a few other things.  On top of that, I look for things I always want more of, like cute cardigans and dresses, belts and scarves.

There’s more involved and I’ll do a full post on my shopping tips one day, but those are the basics.  Today I headed out to do a little thrifting and found something on my seasonal list: burgundy heels!  All is right with the world once more 🙂

bwh 1

bwh 2

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bwh 3

bwh 4

New shoes!!!

bwh 5

Dress: Thrifted (Old Navy), cardigan: Banana Republic Factory, Necklace: Plum, Bag: Aldo, Yellow retro heels:

2 thoughts on “Black, White and Hearts all over

  1. Well done! Following for future updates. Be sure to check out my blog about a stay at home dad that uses thrift shopping to generate income.

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