Dressed Up Plaid T-Shirt


Since I’ve been making an effort lately to take outfit pics in different areas near my house, it’s been an exercise in…what?  Lying.  Pretending.  Acting?  Let’s go with acting, it sounds best.  This morning, for instance, I went to the grocery store and to Staples to pick some stuff up, then I went driving around in the off/on rain until I found a little park in a pretty neighbourhood to take pictures in.  I park my car and get out with my camera and tripod and set up.  There was a man out for a stroll walking toward me, so I just kept fiddling with my camera in the hopes he would pass me by and then I could snap off a few and jet.  No such luck!  He stopped and asked me what I was taking pictures of in the empty park.  Now, this is where I’m a complete coward: everywhere else in my life I have no problem being totally honest, but somehow I just can’t say that I’ve pulled over to take pictures of myself standing in a park, even though I post them on the internet for anyone to see.  So, I told him I was taking pictures of the park itself.  He was a really nice man, and gave me some ideas on where else I could take pictures around there.  We talked for a bit, and it turns out he lives right close and his name is Harlan.  So I made a friend today 🙂

Hopefully someday I can shamelessly take photos wherever I want, but today was done quick and dirty before my new friend could came back.  Sorry Harlan.





Trench: Winners/ Glasses: Modcloth/ Plaid top: Joe Fresh/ Pencil Skirt: Wal-Mart/ Blue Bag: Winners/ Heels: Le Chateau (thrifted)

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