My top 5 Favourite Style Blogs

1) Scathingly Brilliant

Who: Kate Gabrielle, an artist living on the US eastern seaboard.

The Look: Vintage cartoon

How she Influences me: I have bought coloured tights, lady ties and 60s themed christmas decorations all under the influence of Kate, whose storybook compositions make me so, so happy 🙂

scathingly brilliant

Scathingly brilliant 3

scathingly brilliant 2

A little DIY decor: lovely!

A little DIY decor: lovely!

2) Girl With Curves

Who: Tanesha Awasthi, a curvy San Fransiscan

The Look: Simple Sophistication

How She Influences Me: Tanesha is the reason I had the guts to wear skinny jeans on my not skinny legs and feel fierce anyway: she’s awesome!!!!

Girl with Curves 1

Girl with Curves 2

Girl with Curves 3

3) Franish

Who: Franziska Hasselhoff, a med student in middle America

The Look: Laid-back Preppy

How She Influences Me: Fran puts a lot of thought and planning into her wardrobe and aims to use every piece a lot: I need more of that  systematization in my life!

Franish 2

Franish 1

Franish 3

4) Atlantic Pacific

Who: Blair Eadie, Bi-coastal fashion industry alum

The Look: High Fashion Experimental

How She Influences me: Basically by being super-inspiring.  Her outfits are the things fashion dreams are made of.

AP 1

AP 2

AP 3

5) Kendi everyday

Who: Kendi Skeen, a clothing store owner in Texas

The Look: Laid-back cool with a rocker edge

How She Influences me: When Kendi dresses down but adds cool shoes and accessories so she still looks put-together, and I try to do the same on my downtime.  Try.  She does it so well, I have a ways to go 😉

Kendi 1

Kendi 3

Kendi 2

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