Throwback Thursday: wedding guest

Me and NateThis?  This is me and my brother Nate, before he was married and before I was married the second time.  We’re at a friend’s wedding (I like how I’m the only one making a face, thanks a lot Nate), and his then-girlfriend, now wife took this picture.  I think back to these days, and I was pretty happy.  I was about to start a great job.  I spent a lot of time with my friends.  I dated, and it was fun!  This is before I met Jeff, and life wasn’t better, just a bit simpler.  I like this picture because I remember that I have loved my life in so many different phases, and I love it still.  Plus, look at my brother: is he not the cutest thing? He’s a Dad of almost 4 (new baby in January!) now, so life has completely changed for him.  I still have this dress somewhere, btw.  Now if I could just fit back into it….but that’s another story 😉


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