Tall Boots and Polka Dots

Happy Monday everyone! My weekend was spent napping, cooking, watching New Girl episodes on DVD and Halloween costume shopping for my nephews: Bliss!  I managed to fit a sushi date in with my hubby too, so it pretty much covered all the bases for weekend perfection in my books.  Now that Fall is kinda sorta here, I’m looking forward to more leisurely evenings and weekends like this one.  It’s one thing I love about the cooler weather: not feeling like I have to get outside and do something.

I’ve also been organizing my home to make my business and our personal space all coexist peacefully in our teeny tiny basement suite.  We’re growing out of it for sure…but until we’re ready for a new place, clever organizing and a lot of patience will have to do.  Anyway it’s cute and we love it, I’ll do a tour on here sometime soon.

In other news, I scored this polka dot sweater on sale at BR Factory and paired it with another sale find: the Plum Cargo skirt.  Without tights, this outfit worked well for the kind of weather we have now, at least on days when there’s not a wind blowing from Hawaii like this weekend: it was positively balmy yesterday!  Oh yeah, the boots are from last year but I just dyed them…more on that in a later post!




Sweater: Banana Republic Factory / Fur Vest: Winners / Cargo Skirt: Plum / Boots: Duo / Socks: Target / Bag: Winners

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