Stormy Weather

There was a raging storm here last night, and this morning there’s tree matter EVERYWHERE.  I passed a porta potty on it’s side in the street this morning, which can’t be good for anybody.  Here’s a picture of my front door welcome mat, which doesn’t look TOO bad, until you know there are no trees by my door so those needles travelled kind of far.  Whoa, windy.  Pretty colours though, right?


Today’s theme is social media, because we heard a talk on it this morning at my networking meeting and this afternoon I’m going to a class for it.  I feel like I know some stuff, but there’s just SO MUCH information that would benefit my business, so I’m excited to learn more and kind of systemize my process.  I’ve continued with the house organization and next is my office and my business systems, which sounds boring, but what it means is more time for movies, shopping, exercise, dates, family stuff…all of which is awesome, so I’m all for systems 🙂

My outfit today is pretty systematic, too.  When in doubt (or autopilot), I tend to choose a simple dress with a cardigan, jacket or blazer and heels.  Colour mixing makes it looks less boring, but really it’s simple and so comfortable!



Cardigan: Zara / Dress: Joe Fresh / Necklace: Plum / Bag: Winners / Shoes: Payless

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