What to Wear: Shoes

I thought I should start a series on my personal style.  Yes yes, I know: that’s what this whole blog is about.  But this series will be a little more specific, and I’ll get to tell you why I chose what I do.  My first blog in the series will be on shoes.

First, the bad:

bad shoes 1

1) Platform heels. I saw a very pretty woman in a tiny dress walking in shoes just like these downtown last weekend, and she looked just like a newborn fawn walking for the first time.  That.  Is.  Not.  Sexy.  And judging from teeny tiny tight dress, I think sexy was the goal.  I know everyone who wears these things thinks she can walk in them, but every woman who wears them looks like a Clydesdale.  It think these shoes are a travesty.

bad shoes 2


2) Wedge runners.  Just: WHY?  First of all, brown?  Secondly, they make the back of your foot look swollen.  I despise all versions of these shoes, and to me they make the wearer look like they’re trying to look cool.  And that is just fundamentally…uncool.

bad shoes 3

3) The “little bit of everything wedge”  Way too much look here, folks. You can’t bend your foot in these, so it’s like walking on a wood block.  Sexy, right? (sarcasm)  It’s a wedge, a peep-toe, ankle-strap, leopard AND hot pink…so why not pair it with more pattern and colour, you know?  This look is a hot mess, and the shoe is the instigator.

bad shoes 4

4) The homely girl flat.  These things are all over Vancouver, worn by girls who are trying their best to be unattractive.  I see you, girls!  You can’t hide your pretty under a weirdly shaped pleather toe and pretend home-loomed heel.  There is no support for your foot or your womanhood in this shoe: move along, ladies.

bad shoes 5

5) Cougar heels.  This type of shoe will either indicate your place as a seeker of much younger men in depressing sports bars, or mark you as a cougar to be.  Either way, this shoe is worn by women who aim to get drunk, but look at that heel!  If no one has died yet from these shoes, I’ll be amazed.  All kidding aside, though, I want to tell you a secret: the mark of a woman without style is to go way too far, and this shoe is the perfect example of that.  It lacks elegance, and to me that is the worst offence for a woman’s shoe.  End rant.

NOW for the good!

 floral pumps 3

1) Floral pumps.  I love a good floral pump all year round, but vintage is the best.  The heel has a beautiful curve, the single sole connects you to the ground, there’s a bow…the whole thing is swoon-worthy!

gold dancing shoes

2) Gold dancing sandals.  I just bought these for half off on Anthropologie, and I’m so excited to wear them!!! In the winter I’ll pair them with boyfriend jeans and a black leather jacket and sweater, or with black tights and a swingy dress.  In the Spring I’ll wear them with dark floral dresses.  Honestly, they’re so much more versatile than you would think, and they evoke a 40’s dance hall vibe which is obviously fantastic.

Frye Jane boot

3) Frye boots.  Because seriously.

plaid heels

4) These plaid heels.  Better than your traditional black for pairing with leopard print, florals, anything wool…the almond toe, single sole and black heel are design perfect, and I would wear these a lot this season.

lace heels

5) Black lace ankle strap orsay heels. Now ladies.  If you want a lotta look, choose these over the cougar heels.  Why?  Because the shape is elegant and will make your feet look sleek like a ballerina’s, the heel height will make your legs look good but not make you fall out of the shoes, the ankle straps are current and feminine, and the lace adds an unexpected texture, which richens a look.  You can wear these with any going-out dress pretty much (ooh!  how good would these look with a leather midi skirt!!!): treat them like a neutral shoe.

So there you have it: my opinion on best and worst shoes.  Tune in sometime (haha) for my further opinions on dresses, outerwear, pants…tons of stuff.


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