Testing my idea of the perfect Mom Outfit







Ok, so I’m technically (and every other way) not a mom.  Yet.  But sometimes I watch my little niece and nephews when their parents are working, and this past weekend we went to the park, pictured above here.  It’s a nice place, right?


I’m always wondering how my style will change when I’m a breeder.  I realize that my time will be at a premium, and that I may even need to *GASP* simplify. I don’t want to change my style though, so I think I might wear a lot of outfits like this one: comfortable, practical, with a little bit of flare.  The plaid shoes add interest to an otherwise cute but kind of on the boring side outfit.  I was able to lift little people onto the monkey bars, run to catch my almost 2 year old turbo nephew every few minutes when he’d take off into the wild, push them all on the swings…all while keeping warm and drinking coffee.  So yes, I do believe I’ve found my wardrobe sweet spot for motherhood: now I just need some tiny people of my own to chase around!




Until then, I’m very happy being a fun aunt.  I think it may be my favourite role thus far !




Sunglasses: Old Navy / Earings: Simply Mel & Co. / Dress: H&M / Cardi: Plum / Scarf: Crush / Bag: Nine West / Flats: Wal-Mart

Photos graciously taken by Odessa Carson,  7 years old.


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