*this blog was written a few weeks ago and just hasn’t been posted yet.  It’s been so busy lately that I kind of forgot we did this…then I read it this morning and got excited again!  Enjoy :)*

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet (yes I do, I’ve mentioned it lots), but I  just finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I handed my last papers in at the end of July, but just got my actual marks back to make it OFFICIALLY official!  I can’t do the whole cap and gown thing until April though, so to celebrate, my parents took us all out to dinner at Provence in Yaletown.  It was a fun night!  I ate duck and felt sad for the poor little quacker (sign I should become a vegetarian?), we all dressed up and drank fancy drinks and celebrated…well, a lot actually.  My brother just finished mechanic school and got his first apprenticeship, and my sisters boyfriend got hired at a prominent law firm in Vancouver.  So we have a lot of good stuff going on, and that list isn’t even including each other!  It’s a charmed life 🙂


I always think it’s funny the ordeal of paying for parking.  Wait, funny or terrible.  Anyway, I could look at a whole book of pictures of people trying to figure parking metres out.


Mom brought her glasses to read the menu, giving us a break from reading it to her.  What a nice lady 🙂


Here are most of us!  Missing is Jeff, my Dad (you can see his half torso here) and the little boys who were home with a babysitter.






Coat: Vintage / Dress: Gap Factory / Belt: etsy / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins / Clutch: Vintage / Brooch: Vintage

8 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Your mom is beautiful. I see where you got your beauty from! Love reading your blog. Thanks to Wendy Delamont Lees for leading me your way. 🙂

  2. No, don’t become a vegetarian – just eat organic or pastured animals and feel good that they’ve had a happy existence! 🙂 p.s. jealous of your mainland lifestyle sans parkas.

    • Funny little addition to this: I told my 3-year-old nephew the other day that I ate a duck, and he freaked out! He told me I’m in a time-out, because we DON’T eat ducks, they’re cute! He was quite passionate 😉

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