Truth Time

Alright folks, here it is: I don’t always feel like dressing up.


Yes, I own and wear yoga pants.  Sometimes for days at a time.  Now, I have rules of course: I do my utmost not to leave the house in workout pants when I’m not going to the gym.  I have, on occasion, run a few errands before or after working out because it was convenient.  I know, I know: shame!

For the past few weeks I’ve been battling some serious sadness due to my current state of infertility.  I’m being tested (one more to go!), and so far nothing is wrong.  But I’m still not pregnant.  I have a lot of feelings about not being able to conceive, and there are times when it’s hard go about life as usual because I’m grieving, alot.  The past couple of weeks especially I’ve realized I need to slow down, eliminate tasks and meetings that aren’t fun or necessary, do more restorative activities like exercising, reading, meditating…and wear warm stretchy clothes.

I used to be a lot harder on myself in my personal presentation, and the truth is I have a long way to go on the path to complete self-acceptance.  But one thing I have realized is that it’s not possible to look perfectly put-together all the time while living the life you need to live.  For me, that means investing in some cozy pieces that feel like I’m being hugged, but are my style.  If you’re in that boat too, here are some of my favourite cozy pieces for you to consider:


1) I just picked up this delicious striped funnel-neck sweatshirt from Smart Set.  It’s warm, cute, and on the long side (I’m short, so that might just be me) which is nice for butt-covering or folding under to make it regular length.  40% off now, buy HERE.


2) I want these cute cropped joggers from Plum!  I’d wear them with black flats, a blanket scarf and coloured moto jacket (I just grabbed this one for a steal).  But at home, it’d just be these and a long sleeve t-shirt.  Yeah 🙂



3) Maybe because it’s winter or maybe because of how I’m feeling lately: I WANT these fluffy slippers from Urban Outfitters!!!!!  They’re over the top in a good way, and just the kind of thing that makes a girl excited to get home!  And they’re on sale!!!  Buy HERE.

fluffy slippers



Now here’s a picture of what Ruby used to do when we put her leash on: she would play dead.


This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I love it.  With my comfy clothes and cute little furries around me, nothing’s ever that bad, right?  Right 🙂


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