Gold Shoes

I don’t come by my love of vintage genetically.  Growing up, my Mom would turn up her nose at all things 50s and 60s because they reminded her of her Grandma, which I guess wasn’t a great thing.  I discovered my love for crinoline, pastels and gold dancing shoes through my husband: he used to take me to antique malls on dates.  Ever since, I have been obsessed with all things mid century.

Cut to today, when I show up for my sister in law’s birthday breakfast in my new favourite shoes with tights.  My Mom took one look at me and said “Nope, I don’t like it”.  I said “I know Mom, it’s a vintage thing”.  She thought I was mismatched, and I explained the tights and sandals thing.  She always ends up nodding and smiling like she understands, but I know she’ll never love vintage style.  I do though, and she loves me.  We’re happy like this: she has her thing and I have mine, and the pictures of family events always look eclectic and interesting.

On  another note, these shoes are everything.  I’m saying it right now.  Everything.  Seychelles, you are my new obsession.








Dress: Gap Factory / Cardigan: Eddie Bauer / Scarf: Chapters / Belt: Etsy / Bracelet: Stella and Dot (on sale!) / Handbag: Vintage / Tights: old / Shoes: Seychelles from Anthropologie

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