Gold Dots,Teal Bag and Magazines

Yesterday I got our results back for my infertility tests, and it turns out I have some little issues but we now have a plan!  I’m glad it’s not too serious, and that Jeff and I have direction on what’s next.  We don’t know what the future holds, but for now it looks pretty hopeful so that’s good!  We went out last night for a little coffee and magazine reading at Indigo, just to get out together and chill a little bit.  Infertility is stressful, it’s heartbreaking, it can be divisive, and sometimes you need a little date in a cute outfit to remind you you’re a couple first, you know?  PLUS I scored the coat yesterday and I’m so excited about it: it’s me AND warm!

The bag was a Boxing Day steal from Aldo, and the dress an anthropolgie sale item (aditional 25% off right now), so most of my outfit is new AND cheap, which makes me oh so happy 🙂

gold dots 1

gold dots 3

gold dots 2


Coat: Forever 21 / Dress: Anthro (exact)/ Scarf: Thrifted / Watch: Shoppers Drug Mart / Bag: Aldo (exact) / Shoes: Payless

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