Turquoise 80s dress revamp



See the dress on the left, the turquoise one?  I got it at Value Village a few weeks ago because I loved the colour and neckline.  What I didn’t love was the awkward length and long church-lady sleeves.

turquoise 5


See those sleeves?  Here’s a close-up with the cuff and pearl buttons.  Whoa.


turquoise 6


So I pulled the sleeves off, then took the dress to my tailor who hemmed the length and finished the sleeves off nicely for me at the shoulder (the dress is now sleeveless).  The result was this:

turquoise 2


I was pretty happy with it!

turquoise 4

I paired it with my English plaid scarf, black cardi and turquoise stella and dot earrings.

turquoise 1


I took the dress on it’s maiden voyage out shopping with a client.  Here’s me hamming it up while she tries on pants.

Lesson: If you love the cut and colour of a dress, you can make adjustments on small things you don’t love.  The alterations were about $30, the dress itself was $9…Awesome dress for under $40.  That’s just good sense.

turquoise 7

Dress: Value Village / Cardigan: Zara (old) / Crossbody bag: Thrifted / Scarf: Bought on a trip to Italy / Earrings: Stella and Dot / Shoes: Payless

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