Introducing: Group Style Sessions

I’m very excited to announce a brand new service I’m offering called…

presentation style 1

Group Style Sessions with What Would Audrey Wear?

Here’s how they work: you invite 5-15 girlfriends over to your house for a night of wine and learning about style.  I come over with a projector and screen and do a presentation on anything you’re interested in about style, fashion and clothes.  You get cozy and I entertain you and your friends.  Afterwards, I answer your questions about everyone’s own style or style in general.  You have a fun night with your girls, learn a little something and get excited about dressing yourself.  We all have fun!

Cost: Style Sessions costs $30 per person for the night.  You can make it your treat or each person can pay their own way.  Everyone who attends style session qualifies for 25% off any one What Would Audrey Wear? service, valid for one month.

When to book a style Session: Style Session evenings are great for special birthdays, any girls night, graduations, Mother’s Day, Mom’s Groups, Business Groups, Anniversary gifts, Retirement parties, Pre-Wedding celebrations, anything else you can think of or no occasion at all!

Style Session Topics:

History of fashion in the 20th century

Your style: choose it or lose it

How to dress for your body type

How to look put-together when you don’t have time to put anything together

How to Dress for business

Shopping online for people who are scared to shop online

Working the basics: what every woman needs in her wardrobe

Iconic women and how they dressed themselves

Looking feminine in a lululemon world

The fashion checklist: how to make sure you have what you need, all the time

The most unbelievable fashion moves: a history

Celebrity fashion and how to fake it

Vintage style: how to work it, where to buy it

(These topics are not exhaustive, and I will have descriptions of each one up shortly)

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