Nerding out

Lately I don’t have time to haul my camera and tripod to some interesting location (a dead-end street?  my living room?) and take pictures of my outfits, so I am left with taking cheesy dressing room pics when I’m shopping with or for someone, like a client or an event or whatever it is that’s keeping me running around at the moment.  What I can do though, is play around with the images on pic monkey, because it is fun.  Truly.

So here’s me in a leopard getup from last week, which filter do you think makes it look it’s best?  And don’t count my weird baby fat neck rolls against the filter in the second picture, that’s not a website’s fault!  Ahem.

nerd 1 nerd 2 nerd 3Dress: Thrifted / Cardigan: Thrifted / Glasses: Icing / Scarf: Chapters from another lifetime / Purse: Nine West / Tights: Plum / Shoes: Wal Mart


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