Day 4 Spring Wardrobe spruce-up: Dresses

My favourite trends for dresses this season are ones you may have in your closet already: if you do, bonus!  If not, there are many to be had at my 3 fave online stores, so pick a style that you love and sport it this Spring! has a myriad of dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and even pants you can customize and all dresses go to size 35W. has stylists online that help you find the perfect fit.  Sizes go from xs to 6x for certain garments. is made by creative people all around the world just for you!  Fully customizable, and you get to make a friend!

1) Gingham

gingham 1 $59.95

gingham 3 $64.99

gingham 2 $166.43

2) White Lace

lace 2 $129.95

lace 1 on sale for $36.99 sizes xs-4x

lace 3 $415.94

3) Yellow

yellow 2 $74.95

yellow 3 $99.99

yellow 4  $64.21

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