Ambush Makeover: Taylor

ok, ok.  This wasn’t technically an ambush.  But it WAS fast, so I’m sticking with the title.  A few weeks ago I did a style night at Tracycakes, and we decided to makeover one of the employees there, Taylor.

Here’s Why: Taylor is a 28 year old pastry chef who loves her job, her boyfriend, and Disney!  She’s quiet when you first meet her, but once you get her going she’s quite chatty and animated.  She’s a total sweetheart, with talent to boot.  And nothing in her look comunicated that.  At all.  Here is Taylor before:

taylor 1

taylor 2

A little less than inspiring, non?  Taylor wears all black to work…and mostly all the time.  Except when she wears Minnie Mouse ears:

taylor 5

Now we see a little personality!!!  We wanted to bring that out.  So the first step:  Shopping, of course!  We hit the local value village to find fashion for a steal.

taylor 8

…Taylor was briefly distracted by wedding dresses.  After that though, she tried on a TON of dresses!

taylor 6

And I do mean a ton.  But there was one that she came out smiling in, and I knew that would be

the one.

taylor 7

We finished with jewelry and shoes, and voila!  We had a look fit for Taylor 🙂

taylor 3

Next my amazing sister in law Corine of Alter Ego Hair gave Taylor a versatile cut that’s short enough so she doesn’t have to wear a ponytail everyday but long enough for her to feel sexy and feminine.  I think she nailed it!

taylor 4

Then it was time for a style night at Tracycakes and a big unveiling!  While everyone was chatting out front, Miss Taylor was getting her makeup done by Chrissy of Makeup Infusion.  I didn’t happen to get photos of that step, but I’ll be doing a post about Chrissy very soon!


And here she is, the REAL Taylor!!!!  Feeling feminine and her age for the first time in forever, Taylor was definitely strutting that night!

Her dress is from value village and cost $14.  It reminded her of Minnie Mouse which made her happy, and the shape really complimented her figure which made everyone happy.  The shoes are also thrift store, and cost $6.  The red plays up the Minnie Mouse angle and added some colour to the neutral dress.  Taylor is wearing this stella and dot necklace (courtesy of my stylist friend Erin) with her dress, and it’s the most expensive and longest lasting piece she has on.

Style does not have to cost a lot of money, you guys.  What it takes is some thought, maybe some help, and a little time.  With those ingredients, I think you could do pretty much anything.


She’s a beauty!  And she didn’t really feel like one before, which is tragic as far as I’m concerned.  Taylor is special because she’s her, and the goal of this makeover was to make her feel that way.  In that way, it was a success for her as well as all involved.  Thanks team!  And thank you Taylor 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)

“Brianna helped me by being opened minded with my choices. You never know what something looks like until you try it on. I really enjoyed the process of coming up with an idea and seeing it come to life. It’s helped me see that we are all beautiful no matter our size or shape. This experience was something I will always remember.”

                                                                                                                                 ~Taylor Rosenburg                         


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