Ciao Bella Photography Photoshoot

A few Fridays ago I spent the afternoon with Wendy of Ciao Bella Photography.  Wendy is a distant cousin,  a gifted photographer, and an amazing person.  I always think that aside from knowing what you’re doing, a photographer’s most important skill is putting their subject at ease.  Wendy has a gift for putting anyone she’s photographing at ease, AND inspires them to feel beautiful and confident, so the pictures end up being of your best self (who doesn’t want that?!?).  She takes our family photos as well, and we all feel this way about her.  Here are some photos from our last shoot: I hope you love them as much as I do!





Dress: Upcycled value village / Cardigan: Value Village / hairband: Target / Hair flower: H&M / Shoes: Value Village / Belt: Spruce Collective / Hat: Antique / Suitcase: altered from Homesense

7 thoughts on “Ciao Bella Photography Photoshoot

  1. You’re STUNNING, Brianna, and you always have been! Thanks for a great afternoon (and for making me look so dang talented!)

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