Dress like Claire Underwood

Have you guys seen House of Cards on Netflix yet?  Oh my gosh, if you haven’t: DO IT!!!  I mean it’s not G-rated or anything, so prepare for some not-so pretty moments, but even so the story is hard to beat.  Know what else is hard to beat?  Robyn Wright’s character’s outfits.  In the show she’s Claire Underwood, political wife and non-profit Boss.  And her clothes are seriously chic.

Here are some of my favourite looks:


cu 2

 The aesthetic: simple cuts in quality fabrics, body-conscious yet elegant.  Claire is no frou-frou, no sentiment, no unnecessary adornments.  She doesn’t really wear colour, either.

cu 3

cu 4

cu 5

Wardrobe Essentials:

1) Crisp button-ups in white, soft blues, grey and black

2) Black pencil skirt

3) 2″ thick patent leather belt

4) Body-conscious sheath dresses in neutral colours (white, black, grey, navy blue)

5) fit and flare princess coat, black

6) a killer short haircut

7) an icy stare

…and you’re all set to take over the political world!


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