Flintstones Dress

This week was BANANAS for several reasons, and I’ll elaborate a little later on what the hubs and I have been up to.  For now I’ll say: Strep throat sucks. Renovations are time consuming.  And I’m getting ready to sell of A LOT of dresses vintage and not vintage, so get ready to stock up on cute frocks!!!

These pics are from last night: Jeff and I went to Ikea to eat meatballs and shop deck tiles.  I pulled out this frock that I bought with a gift certificate after Christmas and haven’t worn yet: the dark colour is actually brown, and it kind of looks like flintstone rocks I think.  I love it!  The shoes are from a store that was having a moving sale near my house a few years ago, and I don’t know why I barely wear them because they’re wonderful.  Bows, blue, kitten heel?  Just fantastic!  I’ll have to remember them more often.

flintstone dress 2

flintstone dress 3Dress: H&M / Jean Jacket: H&M / Shoes: little store I can’t remember the name of right now / Purse: thrifted

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