Cheap and Cute Clothing Sale on NOW!

Hi friends!  It seems as good a time as any to announce that WE’RE MOVING!!!!!  Jeff and I just bought a townhouse in Langley, and we take possession in a a little over a month!  Here we are in our future kitchen:

new house 1

…it’ll be even cuter when it’s finished, I promise 🙂  So in anticipation of moving, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and asking one tough question of every piece: do I wear this enough?  Although I sincerely love every piece, I can’t wear all that I have.  And so friends, my fortune becomes your fortune, in the form of cheap clothing!  I will ship these items to wherever, just ask.  The more you buy, the more I discount.  If you have any questions or need additional pictures or measurements, message me.  If you’d like to buy, leave a message quoting the number.  And that’s it!


If you find email easier:


I’d be so grateful if you passed this on to your friends, everyone!!!

#1 Trench Coat

trench 1


Label: Gap

Size: L (10/12)

Price: $30

trench 2

#2 Wrap Dress…SOLD…

wrap dress 1

Label: Simone

Size: xl (fits like 12)

Price: $15

wrap dress 2

#3 White Breezy Dress…SOLD…

white dress 2

Label: smart set

Size: 16

Price: $10

white dress 1

#4 Black and White Stripe Dress….SOLD….

bw dress 1

Label: Calvin Klein

Size: 12

Price: $15 (two cotton layers make this comfy and flattering)

bw dress 2

#5 Turquoise Jacket…SOLD…

turq jacket

Label: Mexx

Size: 8

Price: $20

turq jacket 2

#6 Fuchsia Dress…SOLD…

pink dress 1

Label: Smart Set

Size: 14

Price: $15, never been worn

pink dress 2

#7 Chambray Dots Dress….SOLD….

dots dress 1

Label: Eshakti

Size: 16 (fits like 14)

Price: $15

dots dress 2

#8 Neon Skater Dress

neon dress 2

Label: Maurices

Size: xl

Price: $10

neon dress 1

#9 Pink Polka Dot Top

polka dot shirt 1

Label: Old Navy

Size: M

Price: $10

polka dot shirt 2

#10 Nautical Stripe Dress….SOLD….

stripe dress 2

Label: Gap

Size: XL

Price: $15

stripe dress 1

#11 White Stripe Dress Skirt

stripe skirt 1

Label: Banana Republic

Size: 14

Price $10

#12 Grey leopard 3/4 sleeve long jacket

grey leopard coat 2

Label: Chapter One (very light tiny cord jacket)

Size: 10

Price: $20

grey leopard coat 1

grey leopard coat 3

#13 Bright Pencil Skirts

pencil skirts 1

Labels: Blue is Van Heusen, Coral is Mexx

Size: 14

Price $20 for both

pencil skirts 2

#14 Stretchy pencil skirts

stretchy skirts 1

Label: both Vintage

Size: 12/14

Price: $20 for both

stretchy skirts 2

#15 Black and white pattern A line Skirt

popcorn skirt

Label: mercer & madison

Size: xl

Price $10

#16 Blue Peasant Dress

blue peasant dress 1

Label: H&M

Size: 14

Price $10

blue peasant dress 2

#17 Butterfly Dress…SOLD…

butterfly dress 1

Label: Old Navy

Size: M

Price: $10

butterfly dress 2

#18 Pink Linen Dress…SOLD…

pink linen dress 1

Label: Mexx

Size: 14

Price $15, never been worn

pink linen dress 2

#19 Chambray Sundress…SOLD…

chambray sundress 1

Label: Eshakti

Size: 16, fits like 14

Price $15

chambray sundress 2

#20 Hearts Dress

hearts dress 1

Label: Old Navy

Size: L

Price: $10

hearts dress 2

#21 Floral Sack Dress

bright floral dress 2

Label: none

Size: m-xl

Price: $10

bright floral dress 3

bright floral dress 1

#22 Black Pinstripe Blazer

black pinstripe jacket 2

Label: Tristan


Price $10

black pinstripe jacket 3 Black pinstripe jacket 1

#23 Black and Cream Floral Dress…SOLD…

Black floral dress 1

Label: Jessica Howard

Size: 8

Price: $35

Black floral dress 2

Black floral dress 3

#24 Red Raspberry Ruffle Top

red ruffle top

Label: George

Size: L

Price: $10 (I changed the buttons to make it more unique)

red ruffle top 2

#25 Embellished Cream Top

embelished top

Label: Ana

Size: L

Price: $10

#26 Grey Stretch Skirt

grey stretch skirt

Label: Reitmans

Size: 13

Price: $10

#27 Black Stretchy Dress…SOLD…

black dress 1

Label: Smart Set

Size: xl

Price $10

Black dress 2

#28 Cream Silk Top

Silk cream top 1

Label: Banana Republic

Size: L

Price: $15, never been worn with tags

silk cream top 2

#29 Circus Stripe Dress…SOLD…

circus dress 1

Label: Merona

Size: xl

Price: $10

Circus dress 2

#30 Denim Vest

denim vest 1

Label: H&M

Size: 12

Price: $10

denim vest 2

5 thoughts on “Cheap and Cute Clothing Sale on NOW!

  1. i am excited you bought a townhouse. Gotta love new adventures! But I am sad that these dresses aren’t my size! They are all so cute!

    • There’s nothing better than Spring dresses, are there? They have your size at Value Village!!!

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