Tracycakes Tuesday: The Story Of


I was thinking perhaps some of you wonder: why does she sell vintage clothes out of a cupcake shop?  And you would be right to ask, because it’s not really typical.  The answer is simpler than you’d think.  I have a history with Tracy: a family history.  And after almost a lifetime of our paths not crossing, I recognized her at a networking meeting back when I had a homestaging company.  We chatted a bit and awhile later, when I had decided to let my business have a long nap, she hired me to work in her new store in White Rock, my home town.  It was a great time!  Selling and serving cupcakes on the beach every day, occasional deliveries, a little business development.  I remember that time in my life with a happy heart.  Eventually it was time to part ways, and I got a fundraising position at a local non-profit.  With all my adventures though, I have always come back to Tracycakes: to work, to visit, to patronize.  I really feel attached to it, and suspect I always will!

So when I asked Tracy one day last Spring if she wanted to have a vintage section in her new cafe and she said yes, I was beyond excited!  Since then, I have been stocking and re-stocking lovely vintage wares in the Murrayville, Langley Tracycakes.  I love creating the vintage tableau right in the front window, and love even more when someone decides to buy a treasure and make it theirs.  I always wonder how, where and when my customers will wear the dress, coat, hat or jewelry they bought.  It’s the thing about vintage: it has lived before us and will live on after, re-created by the next person.  Amazing, isn’t it?

This week at Tracycakes:

005I love these earings on the left!  They’re so sparkly, almost royal.  The middle pinwheel brooch is delightfully chipped, and perfect for a casual coat or sweater.  The art deco bowtie brooch on the right is quite a find!  Very Great Gatsby.


This dress is a real 60s frock: the boxy cut, the front bow…so iconic!


Another brooch: this one is perfectly ladylike, I picture it on a princess coat or pink mohair cardigan.


This black frock (sorry about the picture, I was in a hurry!) is perfect for dinner, a meeting, a date…the shape is wonderful, and the texture is so fun!


A butterfly pin: because it’s pretty.


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